Durian Craze

Different types of Durian


Directions to one of the best Durian Cafes

Malaysian durian is different from other durian species available in the international marketplace. The fruit is smaller and more compact; it has an intense “fragrance” which may be too strong for the non-initiated, but most wonderful for lovers of the fruit. The best durians are a connoisseur item; much cherished and savour by food gourmets.

There are many varieties grown on the foothills of the Central Range that runs through Peninsular Malaysia. The most popular export species is D24, XO, and MaoSanWang (or Raja Kunyit in Malay). Malaysian durians are not available as fresh whole fruit outside Malaysia; the fruits ripe on the trees and will fall naturally to the ground, usually at the end of the day or in the evenings. Orchard farmers went around and gather the fruit and take them to the market for sales. The whole fresh fruit cannot be kept without processing for more than 2 to 3 days; they are best consumed within 2 days after the fruit dropped.


It is said that good durians are like a fine wine or good cheese.  Durian “experts” will tell you, each tree bears a different fruit, the good durian has character and a distinctive taste of its own, whether they are sweet or bittersweet, you can tell the difference between good durians and the also-runs.  There is no comparable fruit in the world.  Durians are nature’s gift to Malaysians.


Durian means “that thorny thing” in Malay. All across the Malay Archipelago in Asia, the durian reigns supreme as King of Fruits. Durian is an acquired taste; the durian is to Southeast Asia what foie gras, truffles, and caviar are to the West. Western description of durian almost always contains words like “smelly”, “damp socks”, “odoriferous”, and other unpleasant adjectives to pin down what many in the Malay Archipelago would describe as a fragrant aroma. Well, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, YES; it is AROMA to Southeast Asians.

Type of Durian Average RM Range per KG
Mao Shang Wang RM20 – RM28
Red Prawn RM12 – RM22
Hor Lor RM13 – RM22
D24 RM12 – RM20
D101 RM10 – RM18
Durian Kampung RM6 – RM12


Opened Durian



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