Malaysia Series

I will be taking you on my 6 month journey of Malaysia. I am very fortunate that I have family all around Malaysia, so I get the full local experience. Many of the places I have visited are hidden gems. That only a born and raised would know. 

When I landed on February 6 2013, I knew I wasn’t there for the sights. I was there for all the food and culture. A typical day would consist of 6 meals:

  • 5AM Light Breakfast

  • 9AM Larger Breakfast

  • 12PM Lunch

  • 3PM Light Lunch

  • 7PM Dinner time

  • 11PM Late Night Snack

“Being a Malaysian means getting to eat good food at any time of the day! Okay, on a more serious note, I love how we’re a multicultural country and we’re so fortunate to be able to experience that and enjoy living together. It’s truly a beautiful thing.”

– Samatha Lee, food artist

So Lets begin.

Morning Papaya picking – At my aunt’s beautiful fruit infested acreage.

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